Squirrels never share. The Adventures of a Norfolk Pensioner 2

Squirrels never share.

Not such a good start!! The walk to Frank’s Bridge was good, then my daughter (Charlie) found out to her horror that her camera battery was flat and where was the spare? Back at the cottage where I had left it:( Back I went leaving Charlie in charge of my camera, several Chaffinches and baby Goldfinches. Her job was to try and break up the fight that had started among them.

Quick run back a mile down the road, then horror!! Back at the cottage I could not, no matter what I did unlock the door. After 10 minutes a wonderful click announced my success. In, grab the battery and while in civilisation a trip to the toilet. Quickly out and lock the door……NO, not a movement, it refused to move.Back in with a brilliant idea, lock it from the inside and go out the back door. NO!!! The front door wouldn’t lock from either side. On close inspection both top and bottom hooked toggles on this damn plastic door were stuck outwards. Percussion technology was called for. Ignoring the constant beep of my phone knowing full well it would be a worried text from Charlie, I gave the thing a sharp thumping. Yes, a wonderful cur-plunk. Hurriedly back outside holding the handle up, key in, turn and a successful lock. Now a quick run back to where I had left the now pacing Charlie. I will omit the tale of getting lost on the way back to her:)

One hour wasted and we are on the hazelnut lined path heading towards the Vortex Dragons Lair (Story of that up soon).

A flash of RED!

Distracted again from our main quest of getting from A to B in the quickest time. There is yet another flash of red. I am now determined to catch the little blighter, Yes, even if I have to stay here all week. Um, thinks, that’s what I have already done.

I could see him running far ahead of me, sometimes going up the left bank of tasty trees next a quick turn and up the right bank. Another quick turn and up the left bank. First runs left then a blur then right

One after the other I added another distant and blurry image to my collection.He ran forward, I stopped, he ran back. Always he was the same distance away from me. Too far for a good photo. Then things changed, he ran forward and forward then forward again as I stood my ground and hastily clicked to take picture after picture. On he came, faster and faster. Then a screech of tiny red paws as he realised what he had done, standing at my feet looking up at me.

I will not share.

I had won:) With him firmly in my lens he just stood refusing to drop his treasured nut. I had won:) I finally captured a squirrel.

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